Thursday, March 31, 2011

East LA Dictionary


A sampling of the vocabulary I have picked up while working in East Los Angeles, with proper usage illustrated by real student quotes:

DOWN (adj.): cool, good, great.  May be enhanced by the addition of –assed.
            “That is one down-assed bike!”

COME OUT (v.): be seen in, appear in.
“Yo, did Kid Cudi come out in that song?”

1.     (adj.) Bad, uncool
2.     (interjection) A word used to express general disapproval
“This essay has to include three sources?! Broke!”

1.     (v.) to fight, compete
2.     (interjection) a phrase used to challenge another person
“You think can play chess?  Step up, fool!”

FRESH (adj.)
1.     Well-dressed, stylish.
“It’s free dress tomorrow, so come fresh.”
2.     Cold
“Mister, I thought you said we were supposed to have one glass of salt water and one glass of fresh water, but these are both warm.”

Some words I reasonably expected my students would know, but many don’t:
Increase, Decrease, Data, Statistic, Ratio, Free (in any usage other than gratis), Power Plant, Biology

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